64th Virginia Mounted Infantry Regiment

64th Virginia Mounted Infantry Regiment

Jesse Roberts, my great, great, great-grandfather, served in this regiment.  Here is a description from Wikipedia.org:

The 64th Virginia Mounted Infantry Regiment, consisting of troops raised in LeeScottWise and Buchanan counties in Virginia for service in the Confederate States Armyduring the American Civil War, served as an infantry regiment, a cavalry regiment, and a mounted infantry (dragoon) unit. It fought mostly in western Virginia and Tennessee.

The 64th Regiment Virginia Mounted Infantry was organized in December 1862 in Abingdon, by consolidating the 21st and 29th Virginia Infantry Battalions. Prior to September 1, 1863, it was known as the 64th Virginia Infantry, and after that date it was also called the 64th Virginia Cavalry.

On September 9, a large part of this unit was captured at Cumberland Gap by Union General Ambrose Burnside. Which led to many of the captured men being sent toLouisville,Kentucky then later to Camp Douglas (Chicago). Later it served in Williams’, Giltner’s, and W.E. Jones’ Brigade and confronted the Federals in various conflicts in East Tennessee, Western Virginia, and North Carolina.

During April 1864, it totaled 268 effectives, but in April 1865, less than 50 disbanded.

The field officers were Colonels Auburn L. Pridemore, a future Congressman, and Campbell Slemp, future Congressman Lieutenant Colonel James B. Richmond, and Major Harvey Gray.

Here is a link to a page that shows that Jesse was a Private in this regiment:  http://civil-war-soldiers.findthedata.org/l/4730730/Jesse-Roberts

Here is the roster.  You’ll see many familiar Lee County surnames:

Surnames: A-B

Surnames: C-E

Surnames: F-I

Surnames: J-L

Surnames: M-O

Surnames: P-S

Surnames: T-V

Surnames: W-Z

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