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Arms_WallenThe Wallen surname is Swedish in origin(Wallén): from vall ‘grassy bank’, ‘pasture’ (see Wall) + the common surname suffix -én, from Latin -enius.

Our line of Wallens came to Plymouth Colony from London, England in July 10, 1623 on the ship “Anne”.  The Wallens were Baptist in belief and disagreed with the Puritans on the age at which a child should be baptized.  So, they migrated to New Jersey, then Rhode Island, then Pennsylvania, and later Virginia.  In historical records, their surname has been mislabeled as “Walling”, “Wallin”, “Walloon”, and “Walden”.

Probably the most famous Wallen was Elisha Wallen II, the Long Hunter.  He was a contemporary of Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone and helped pioneer Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.  At one time, he had claim to the land around the Cumberland Gap, including the present day site of Lincoln Memorial University.

My grandmother, Esta Mae (Wallen) Roberts. She was known for her beauty, her cooking, and her love for God. Many times dad has shared quotes from her, such as “Never pin your faith to any man’s coat tail.”, or “Never go with a girl that you wouldn’t marry.”

My grandmother, Esta (Wallen) Roberts, standing with her father David Wallen, and her sister, Minerva “Min” (Wallen) Fleenor in Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee.


Grandma Esta (Wallen) Roberts, November, 1952, @2 years before her death.

My great aunt, “Min” Minerva (Wallen) Fleenor & grandma, Esta (Wallen) Roberts.

(back, l-r) Fred Wallen, Tom Wallen, (front, l-r) Polly (Hurd) Wallen, Davy Wallen

My great, great grandfather, William “Big Sandy” Wallen. Son of James Carr Wallen, Big Sandy was a blacksmith and farmer by trade and was a local legend known for his enormous strength. He served in Company L, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Calvary (Union) during the War between the States.


My third cousin, Anthony Wallen. He is the son of & Martha Joe (Livesay) Wallen. The 2 children in the picture are Anthony’s and this picture was taken @1987.


My second cousin, Martha Jo (Livesay) Wallen. She is the youngest daughter of Joe and Sophie (Baker) Livesay. Her property is adjacent to the Baker Cemetery and she has assisted in its care and upkeep for years.

My fourth cousin, Jeremy Wallen. He is the son of Paul & Pat Wallen of Fairborn, Ohio. This picture was taken in 2005.  If you can’t tell from the picture, Jeremy is about 6′ 7″.

The Wallen log cabin, built in the 1780s by my great, great grandfather, James Carr Wallen. It still stands today in Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee.

Wallen’s Bend, on the Clinch River in Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee. James Carr Wallen settled here on 450 acres given him for his service in the Colonial Army during the American Revolution.

Carolyn Wallin published this book in 1990. It tells a lot of information about the Wallen family in general. You can still find copies at

Although we don’t have any actual pictures of Elisha Wallen, Jim Two Crows Wallen is an oral historian who does a good job portraying him. He is located in the Kansas City area. You can find more information about him at

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  • My Great-Great-Great Grandfather was Obiedar Lawson that married Jane England. My Great-Grandfather was whom they called Big George Lawson. My Grandfather was Obie Dar Lawson who married Gladys L. Orr. Pop and Granny Lawson lived in Stone Gap (Blackwater,Vir.) They and other family members moved to S.C. to get rich in the cotton mill in Whitmire, S.C. Along with Rollers, Wallen and Bledsoes, Bolings.

    • Judy says:

      Interesting, I have a great grandfather,Enoch England from Va.,mother was Eliza Creager England,she own land around Clinch River and sold to the Fishers.Her father was Michael Creager/Crager.

      • Jeff Roberts says:

        One of my grandpa Claude Baker’s best friends was Rufus Fisher. They grew up next to the Clinch River. I have a humorous story about him and grandpa on my post about sliding down the teaberry patch.

        Rufus authored several Southern Gospel songs and taught my dad how to read music and sing in an acapela-style quartet. Rufus also was a Golden Gloves boxer when he was a young man.

      • Judy Flora says:

        I am a relative of Henry A. Fisher in the area of Fisher Valley in the Kyle’s Ford area. Do you know what Fisher Enoch England sold the land to?

        About 1839 Henry A. Fisher married Elizabeth (Betty) Bledsoe, who was born 25 April 1820 in Hawkins County, TN, and died 12 May1893 in Lee County , VA. She was theof Abraham Bledsoe and Millicent (Millie) Wallen, and granddaughter of Thomas Bledsoe (1760-1833) who served in the Revolutionary War, and his wife, Margaret McDonald. She daughter was also granddaughter of James Carr Walling (Wallen) and Mary Johnson

  • Sondra says:

    HI found your page while researching Elisha Wallen the Long Hunter he was my
    GGGG Grandfather! Very intersting history–I found this story about the Clinch River–Another interpretation of the long hunt was found in ‘LIFE AS IT IS’
    ~~~~A man by the name of Wallen was in a company of about 18 men from Virginia and explored Carter’s Valley; went through ‘Moccasin Gap’ and established a camp on Wallen’s Creek. they named Powell’s Mountain, Powell’s Valley and Powell’s River. In crossing the Clinch River, (then not named), an Irishman fell off the raft and being unable to swim, bawled to his comrades CLINCH ME! CLINCH ME! which the company did and so named the river. The group named Newman’s Ridge, Skagg’s Ridge, traveled through the Cumberland Gap “and called the mountain Cumberland, he (Wallen) having come from the county of Cumberland (Cumberland Parrish) in Virginia.” The group continued on to Laurel Mountain, but turned back after meeting Indians.

  • Annette Dalton Strunk says:

    I, too, am a descendent of Elisha Wallin. I am related to the GA and MO Wallins.

  • Debbie says:

    I left a message at ‘Pictures of the Burkes. I should have put it here. Looking for something like this site for Willis ,Wilson and Lawson families of Blackwater ,VA.,SC.and TN. I have been speaking with a Wesley G.(Guy) Wallen. His mother was my dad’s aunt. Just began searching families. We are down to 2 siblings left out of 15 of my dad’s. Would love to hear any stories anyone has.

  • Dan Akin says:

    I am looking for Joseph Wallin’s Mill Creek. I am a descendant of John Rice and Benjamin Green who lived there in the 1790’s. They were neighbors of Micajah Bunch. Was it Mill Creek now found on the south side of the Clinch River opposite Joseph Wallin’s land at Kyles Ford?

  • Carolyn Keathley McBurney says:

    I am a descendent of Elisha Wallen. His son, Nelson and wife Caroline Westover, are my gg grandparents. My mother is Anna Sutterfield Keathley. Anyone else out there from this line?

    • Sandra wallen says:

      I am a wallen. From kingsport Tennessee.

      • Danny Wilson says:

        My name is Danny Wilson my mom was Orpha A. Wallen before marriage and my grand father s name was John Henry Wallen my Grand mothers name was Suda Lee Wallen her maiden name was Dickenson before marriage my moms generation and before came from Russell county Va. i was born and raised in Kingsport Tn. also

      • Lisa Chiapputo says:

        Hi Sandra,

        My father was Wilmer Wallen, from Kingsport, where I was also born. His parents were Elmer Wallen and Bessie Roberts. Any relation?

        Lisa Chiapputo

  • Brenda Jody says:

    Dan, we have had previous contact but it has been so long I don’t recall our subject for discussion. I am a descendant of Micajah Bunch and am wondering if you ever got the answer to your question listed on this site (“My Longhunters”)? -I would love to know exactly the land on which Micajah lived so I could sometime visit it. A few years ago I traveled once to Kyles Ford but at the time I had no idea where to search.

    Would love to hear from you and about your latest research.

    Brenda Jody

    • Russ K says:


      I am a Bunch. I put up a bunch cousins website a few years ago but have been taking time off from resesrch (although I continually poke around for stuff). Are you still resesrching?

  • Troy Wallen says:

    i am a proud desendant of elisha wallen ,golden hawk sizemore, i have alot of info

    • Jerry Lynn Walling says:

      my name is Jerry Lynn walling. I am also a descendant of Elisha wallingand I have a lot of information also. text me and we make an exchange information’ my email is

      • Janice Stanley Duffy says:

        My name is Janice Stanley Duffy. I am trying to find more information on my third great grandfather and wife. He is Isaac R. Bledsoe born 1794 Scott Co. Va and it is believed he married Milly Wallen Pridemore or Pridemore Wallen. I am assuming she was married before she married my grandfather. It is believed she was born 1799. I would surly appreciate any information you may have. Their daughter Sarah Virginia Bledsoe married James W. Livesay and their daughter Mary Jane Livesay is my great grandmother.
        Thank you,
        Janice Duffy

    • Linda Wallen Howard says:

      I too descend from elisha Wallen and Golden Hawk Sizemore

    • I am the GGGG grand daughter of James Carr Wallem, who was Elisha Wallen’s brother. On my father’s father’s side. and my father’s mother was Grace Sizemore. There Is no doubt in my mind that we have to be related. My GGGG grand father was also known as BIG Sandy.

    • Tamara says:

      Interested in learning more about my Roberts walling/wallen blood line. I am in the book of reuben & defendant of elisha long hunter.

  • Jerry Lynn Walling says:

    I have 40 pages of stories of my family tree dating back 2 1623 when we arrive here on the ship Queen Anneand I would like to share some information with you and get any information you may have that can enlighten me as to my family history

  • Jerry Lynn Walling says:

    my name is Jerry Lynn walling. I have a documented family tree consisting of 44 pages of stories dating back to 1623 when we first settled in Plymouth Colony. I have many stories one is a story of Sam Houston presenting a gun to Col.Jesse Walling. stories of Elisha walling exploring in Tennessee becoming known as one of the original long hunters in the state of Tennessee.If you have any information I like to exchange my information with you

    • luwayina lawson says:

      I think you should write a book. I would buy it. My name is Luwayina Lawson and as far as i can find, Nancy Walling, daughter of James Carr Wallen, married Thomas Lawson b.1792 was my ggg grandparents. I have been trying to buy the book The Longhunters, but can’t find it so far. I was wondering if you had any info on Nancy and Thomas sr. or their children or when Nancy and THomas died? THis is my brick wall. I have all of Nancy’s family, except the book, but don’t have anything about her personally. Would you be interested in selling me a copy of your history for my personal reading? I can understand if you wouldn’t, i wouldn’t. James Carr Walling was my 4th g grandfather. Hope to hear from you

      • luwayina lawson says:

        P.S. i have a brother named Jerry Lynn Lawson…lol

      • James Carr Wallen was also my 4th g grand father. He was the father of William Wallen. William Wallen was the father of Icy (Wallen) Gilliam. Icy was my grand father’s mother. Who’s name was William Gilliam. He is the father of Albert Ray Gilliam. Who is my father. I am Carolyn (Gilliam) Crowder and my daughter is Danielle (Shook) Jones, who is the mother of Eli and Lainey Jones. And Eli is short for Elisha Jones. In which James and Millicent(Jones) Wallen are James Carr and Elisha Wallen’s parents. Weird how life goes back around some how. HUH?

    • cherie walden fullenwider says:

      Do you have any of these stories written on any websites?
      I would love to read them.

      • cherie walden fullenwider says:

        Jerry Lynn walling: Do you have any of these stories written on any websites? I would love to read them.

      • jerry lynn walling says:

        the walling family 1623 2 1945 compiled by Maudie S Walling Dallas Texas. in the village of Hulton-two and one-half miles east of Lancaster England near the mouth of the Irish Sea- where river Lube flows, the name of walling is found as far back as Queen Elizabeth.James John and Thomas be the names used at regular intervals. (from a letter by Thomas walling Director of Education City and County of Newcastle January 11th 1934)the ship Ann sailed from the Port of London arriving at Plymouth in 16and his wife Joyce aim on the ship Came on the ship. (from marine society Salem Massachusetts October 20th 1932.

    • Sherry Walling says:

      I am a descendant of Elisha Walling and would love to get more information. I live in East Texas and there is a museum here with the oldest log cabin in Texas Built by TJ Walling. I find it very interesting that there is a cabin in Tennessee built by a Walling as well. Anyway please respond.

    • Angela J. Catron says:

      Yes, Jerry you should write a book. I would buy as well.

    • Tamara says:

      Interested in learning more about my Roberts walling/wallen blood line. I am in the book of reuben & defendant of elisha long hunter.

  • James Wallen says:


    I had a cousin named Troy who lived on Big Sycamore in Claiborne County Tennessee. Are you related to him?

  • Frances Wallen says:

    I see your picture of what you names Big Sandy Wallen. He was my Grandpa Wallens father. My grandpa was William Jasper Wallen, Floyd County Kentucky born in Wise County Va. I am looking for documented facts of the Wallens ?

    • O.M.G. I must hear from you. William Wallen and Jane Banks Wallen was Icy Wallen Gilliam’s parents. Icy was my great, great grand mother. Who had a son name John Davis Gilliam. So If I have it right. One of your parents is Icy’s brother. My face book page is under Carolyn Crowder. I have a picture of Icy on there. Darn, Now I’m all confused. 🙂 Please write me back. at

  • Rich Walling says:

    I’m working on Walling/Wallen/Wallen in the American Revolution and have about 34 men! Contact me at for more info. In ten short years, we’ll celebrate 400 years of our family being in America!

    • Kathleen says:

      hi my name is Kathleen wallen and I am of wallen ancestry I’m interested to know about your specific ancestry

    • Huck Walling says:

      Hi Rich,

      I am Robert D. “Huck” Walling, Jr. and live in Oklahoma. I am a member of Sons of the American Revolution, so why genealogy was vetted very thoroughly, as the SAR is a genealogical society. I would be happy to exchange information with you if you are interested.


  • Sandy Tiller says:

    I’m related to the Wallens, Blevins, BUNCHES, Bollings, Bakers, Sisemores, and Ashers. I’m interested in all their genealogy. I would like to know if you have a website that you have these Wallen stories on too. I’ld love to read them I have been researching them for 20 yrs. SANDRA (ASHER) TILLER

  • Rebecca Reed Walling says:

    I am also a descendant of Elisha Walling, 12th generation, my father was Odis Walling born in Antlers Oklahoma. I would love to have more information on this family, it is so interesting to read. Thank you for compiling this, a lot of time and effort is appreciated. I live in Willows California. My name is Rebecca Lynn Reed Walling.

  • Kathleen says:

    I am free later too the wallen family from Chicago

  • Steve Dunham says:

    I am also a descendant of Elisha Wallen. I have visited the Wallen cemetery in Washington County Missouri where Elisha and Mary Hughes Wallen are buried. My ggrandmother was Alice Wallen Sago.

  • betty oliver says:

    my grandmother was rose wallins my father was otis sparks from boons camp van lear ky i wondered if there is a conection to lorretta lynn

  • Michele Wallen Schurk says:

    I’m hoping someone can assist in helping me confirm the family history that I’ve found, my grandfather Maurice Thomas Wallen was born in Ironton, Missouri 1919, parents were Harry Charles Wallen (1883-1947) & Effie Alice Keesling; I show Harry’s parents as Thomas E. Wallen (1858-1928) & Jane Smith; Thomas’s parents: George Washington Wallen (1839 – 1864) & Arminta Grinder; George’s Parents would be Elisha Wallen III (1795 – 1872) & Mary Hughes.

    Would love some confirmation of this if anyone has it!

    Thanks for your help,

    Michele Wallen Schurk

    • Sarah says:

      Have you checked on RootsWeb…Joel Hagar’s Southern West Virginia Research…my great grandparents are Martin Wallen and Jane Ellis…this is I how I found my Wallen line, and I recognize names you have down…hopefully you can find your line. I did mine.

  • Kaley Andersen says:


    I’m doing some research on Kyles Ford, Tennessee for a novel I’m writing and was wondering if you had any information on Wallen’s Grocery Store. Is it still standing today? Do you have any pictures I could refer to? If possible please email me at with any information you might have! Thank you so much!!

  • Carla says:

    Looking for parents of William Wallain married Nancy Ramey in TN. They migrated to AR then OK. He’s also been listed as Waldon.

  • Shelley Kaye Hall says:

    My Maiden name is Shelley Kaye Wallen. My grandparents were both German on my dads side.

  • Heather says:

    Hello! I am just wondering if you happen to have any more pictures of the house “Big Sandy” Wallen lived in? My grandparents live in that house!!!! They had to cover the old logs up to preserve what was left. This is very cool and Interesting. Thanks!!

  • Don Hill says:

    Elisha Wallen is my 6x great grandfather. It was a treat coming across your site! There’s a lot of excitement in this lineage for sure!

  • Hayda Wallen says:

    I just happen upon this site…. I have no idea if there is any connection but it is not a popular name

  • I am a great grand son of Hugh Wallin, and grandson of Thomas Wallin of Walnut North Carolina. If you have any information I would appreciate it. Curtis Wallin

  • Linda Garrett says:

    This my line as well, thank you for sharing the photos.

    Ralph (1595 – 1644) Find A Grave Memorial# 34718554 married to Joyce ?

    Thomas (1640 – 1674) Find A Grave Memorial# 58163861married to Mary Abbott

    Thomas (1669 – 1724) Find A Grave Memorial# 44241256 married to Sarah Elwell

    Elisha (1708 – 1783 ) Find A Grave Memorial# 44251625 married to Mary Blevins

    Joseph Allen (1734 – 1792) Find A Grave Memorial# 59758421 married to Millicent Jones

    James Carr  (1771 –  1845) Find A Grave Memorial# 50105540 married to Mary Johnson

    Joseph B. (1798 – 1852 ) Find A Grave Memorial# 67117859married to Elender Baker

    James Carr (1822 – 1907) Find A Grave Memorial# 17266309 married to Manerva Smalley

    William (1861 – 1942) Find A Grave Memorial# 17265445 married to Solly Wyrick

    James Solomon (1884 – 1951) Find A Grave Memorial# 96634282 married to Laura Belle Young

    Clovie Abe (1912 – 2002) Find A Grave Memorial# 26413882 married to Mary Bernice Elgin…….my parents

    • Sarah says:

      First line should also have Ralph Walling/Wallen I D.O.B. 1570 Yorkshire, England, United Ki from…married Margaret…our family line starts off the same, then it branched out…Elisha is my 6th great grandfather.

  • Judy Phillips says:

    Elisa Wallen and Mary Blevins were my fifth great grandparents. My great grandparents were Charlie Walling and California Ferrell. My grandparents were Ira Francis Walling and Mary Swinney. Have traced my roots to Ralph Wallen and wife Joyce. If anyone has any info on their decendents in England please feel free to email me at

  • Dault Wallen says:

    Hello everyone.

    My great grandfather was Less Dault Wallen. His son Kennon Wallen was my grandpa. No one really knows my families history, and all my grandma says is that we’re from Oklahoma..straight from the soil! lol. Any help learning about my extended family would be great! We’re all from the central valley in California. Below is the best data I have…

  • Sharon Wallen Parmentier says:

    This site is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ingrid says:

    Any Waldens out there? I am descendant of Lord John Walden.

  • Debbie Wallen says:

    My name is Debbie Kay Wallen. My great grandfather was James Augusta Wallen who was in law enforcement and killed in the line of duty. They were the second family ti settle in Del Rio, Texas. I’m looking for information on this family line.

  • Les Blevins says:

    My name is Les Blevins. I’m a descendant of the father in law of Elisha Wallen Sr. He was William Blevins as you may know. I also have Lawson and Bunch ancestors and I authored a book entitled “THE LONGHUNTERS” which is a genealogical report on the Blevins family who descend from the Blevins Longhunters. Contact me at LBlevins (at)sunflower (dot) com

    A Report on the History and Family Of
    William Blevins Sr.
    Of Virginia
    Showing 25 Ascendants
    And Uncounted Descendants

    ISBN in softcover 978-1-4653-9999-1
    EBook ISBN 978-1-4653-9788-1

  • Veronica says:

    Hi Everyone! This is very exciting! Elisa Wallen and Mary Blevins were my fifth great grandparents. My great grandparents were William Hogan Wallin and Bonnie Maude Castor and my grandmother Willa Maxine Wallin whom I love and adore married to Robert Leroy Felsch. Jones was her second marriage.

  • I am kin to the Wallens also, I come from William Roberts and Elizabeth Wallen Roberts. For Jeff Roberts, thanks so much for putting all this history out there. I left a note how to get in touch with me under the Roberts Pictures section.

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