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Arms_WallenThe Wallen surname is Swedish in origin(Wallén): from vall ‘grassy bank’, ‘pasture’ (see Wall) + the common surname suffix -én, from Latin -enius.

Our line of Wallens came to Plymouth Colony from London, England in July 10, 1623 on the ship “Anne”.  The Wallens were Baptist in belief and disagreed with the Puritans on the age at which a child should be baptized.  So, they migrated to New Jersey, then Rhode Island, then Pennsylvania, and later Virginia.  In historical records, their surname has been mislabeled as “Walling”, “Wallin”, “Walloon”, and “Walden”.

Probably the most famous Wallen was Elisha Wallen II, the Long Hunter.  He was a contemporary of Simon Kenton and Daniel Boone and helped pioneer Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.  At one time, he had claim to the land around the Cumberland Gap, including the present day site of Lincoln Memorial University.

My grandmother, Esta Mae (Wallen) Roberts. She was known for her beauty, her cooking, and her love for God. Many times dad has shared quotes from her, such as “Never pin your faith to any man’s coat tail.”, or “Never go with a girl that you wouldn’t marry.”
My grandmother, Esta (Wallen) Roberts, standing with her father David Wallen, and her sister, Minerva “Min” (Wallen) Fleenor in Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee.


Grandma Esta (Wallen) Roberts, November, 1952, @2 years before her death.
My great aunt, “Min” Minerva (Wallen) Fleenor & grandma, Esta (Wallen) Roberts.

(back, l-r) Fred Wallen, Tom Wallen, (front, l-r) Polly (Hurd) Wallen, Davy Wallen

My great, great grandfather, William “Big Sandy” Wallen. Son of James Carr Wallen, Big Sandy was a blacksmith and farmer by trade and was a local legend known for his enormous strength. He served in Company L, 8th Regiment, Tennessee Calvary (Union) during the War between the States.


My third cousin, Anthony Wallen. He is the son of & Martha Joe (Livesay) Wallen. The 2 children in the picture are Anthony’s and this picture was taken @1987.


My second cousin, Martha Jo (Livesay) Wallen. She is the youngest daughter of Joe and Sophie (Baker) Livesay. Her property is adjacent to the Baker Cemetery and she has assisted in its care and upkeep for years.
My fourth cousin, Jeremy Wallen. He is the son of Paul & Pat Wallen of Fairborn, Ohio. This picture was taken in 2005.  If you can’t tell from the picture, Jeremy is about 6′ 7″.
The Wallen log cabin, built in the 1780s by my great, great grandfather, James Carr Wallen. It still stands today in Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee.  Picture was taken around 1930 and the men in the picture are:Rufus Isaac Wallen 1885-1953, Joseph Loyd Wallen 1887-1995, and Leander Wallen 1877-1957.
Wallen’s Bend, on the Clinch River in Kyle’s Ford, Tennessee. James Carr Wallen settled here on 450 acres given him for his service in the Colonial Army during the American Revolution.
Carolyn Wallin published this book in 1990. It tells a lot of information about the Wallen family in general. You can still find copies at
Although we don’t have any actual pictures of Elisha Wallen, Jim Two Crows Wallen is an oral historian who does a good job portraying him. He is located in the Kansas City area. You can find more information about him at

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