Windows Into Our Past: The Long Hunters


Windows Into Our Past: The Long Hunters



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  1. eleanor edmondson says:

    I was reading the CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH IRISH SETTLEMENT IN VIRGINIA by Lyman Chalkley in his 3 volume set. He made one mention of my Doswell Rogers in the index and so I ordered the McKennye vs Preton O,. S 308: N. S 110 file which was the entire suit and not just the abstracted version in Chalkely’s.

    This is where I found not only the names, but the ages and much more of the Long Hunters. It proved that Doswell Rogers was not the Doswell Rogers who died in 1809 in Hawkins Co. TN that as written in the family Bible and led to a misunderstanding of Doswell Rogers’s death. Doswell also stated that he was with the Roberts and the Wallings as they went through present-day Lee and Scott Cos. naming creeks.

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