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  1. I just had mt fathers DNA done, He is a VERY close match to a Walden family in the CT area. I have often suspected that the name was spelled differently over time. His DNA matches your description of YOUR line of Wallens who came to Plymouth Colony from London, England in July 10, 1623 on the ship “Anne”. So, they migrated to New Jersey, then Rhode Island, then Pennsylvania, and later Virginia. In historical records, their surname has been mislabeled as “Walling”, “Wallin”, “Walloon”, and “Walden”.
    Probably the most famous Wallen was Elisha Wallen II, the Long Hunter.
    I would LOVE to chat because I think my Waldron family is from this family according to DNA studies.
    I cant wait to chat… Thanks, Patti

  2. My father is Albert Ray Gilliam. His father was William Harvey Gilliam. And William’s father’s name was John Davis Gilliam. John mother was Icy (Wallen) Gilliam. Icy father was William Wallen. William father was James Carr Wallen. James father and mother were Joseph and Millicent (Jones) Wallen. They were also the parents of Elisha Wallen. So that makes Elisha Wallen my father’s Great, great, great grand father’s brother. Would love to talk more to you what I have learn and what you have learn about the Wallen family. My grand son name is Eli. After the name Elisha. He will be 2 years old next month.

  3. I trace my paternal line to James H. Roberts, born 1785 Virginia, his wife was Jane Wilson. His parents were William Roberts and Rebecca Hedges of Virginia. Do you see any familiar names? This side of the family moved to Ohio from Virginia.

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