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Our surname “Baker” comes from Old English “baecere”, meaning “baker”, and was an occupational name.  Variations of this name include: Bakere, Baiker, Backer, and others.

Our line of Bakers came from England.  Our earliest known ancestor was Simon Baker who was born @1500 and lived in Kent, England.It is believed that they were originally Normans that came over with William the Conqueror in 1066.  The earliest mention of this surname was of a William le Bakere in Norfolk in 1177.

The first Baker in our line to come to the U.S. was Andrew Baker, who came from Buckinghamshire to Plymouth Colony in 1624.

This is a reenactment of my grandparents’, Claude and Nettie (Burke) Baker, first meeting. It was probably taken around the time of their marriage in the late 1920’s.


A young Claude and Nettie Baker
A young Claude & Nettie (Burke) Baker and their oldest son, Paul.
(l-r) Georgie & Bernita Moore, daughters of Brian & Mary (Baker) Moore, Paul & James Baker
(l-r) Claude Baker, Paul Baker, James Baker, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, Nettie Baker
(Rear, l-r) Dovie Bledsoe, daughter of Attie (Burke) Bledsoe, Nettie (Burke) Baker, (Front, l-r) James Baker, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, Shirley (Baker) Gay, Paul Baker
Grandma & Grandpa Baker & the kids: James, Shirley, Evelyn, & Paul
The Baker kids:(back, l-r) James & Paul, (front, l-r) Evelyn & Shirley
(Rear, l-r) unknown, Oscar Baker, unknown, unknown, Leah (Wallen) Baker, unknown, (Front, l-r) Eva (Baker) King, unknown, unknown, Sophie (Baker) Livesay, Alfred Baker
Claude & Oscar Baker. The young boy is one of Oscar’s sons. I don’t have his name at this time.
(l-r) Doris Baker, daughter of Stella Baker, Eva (Baker) King, Leah (Wallen) Baker
From Left to Right: Hal Fain, A.C. West, Oscar Burlie Baker(sitted), Stella Baker West, Lela Wallen Baker, Eva Baker King (sitted), Sophia Baker Livesay, Mary Baker Fain, Alonzo Baker.Missing from photo was (Claude T Baker and father Alfred Baker)
(Back, l-r) Shirley (Baker) Gay, Majorie (Livesay) Singleton, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, (Front, l-r) the Fain twins(first names unknown), Martha Jo (Livesay) Wallen, Sopie (Baker) Livesay, Edsel Fain.
(Back, l-r) Dewey Burke, Shirley (Baker) Gay, Nettie (Burke) Baker, Joe Livesay, (Middle, l-r) Marvin Livesay, Majorie (Livesay) Singleton, James Baker, Paul Baker, Edna (Livesay) , (Front) Evelyn (Baker) Roberts.
My uncles, James & Paul Baker, doing their best to look respectable.
My uncle, James Baker. He was a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.
(l-r) Grandma Nettie (Burke) Baker, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, Shirley (Baker) Gay, James Baker.
The Bakers at our house in Kettering, Ohio, 1981. (l-r) Rhonda (Pittman) Baker, Jodie Baker, David Baker, Nettie (Burke) Baker, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, Claude Baker, Gwen Roberts, Dan Gay, Shirley (Baker) Gay, Donna Gay.
My great aunt, Sophie (Baker) Livesay.
The Bakers in Ohio, March, 1961.
Christmas with the Baker family in Ohio, mid 1960’s.
Al & Sharon (Baker) Holguin posing with their grandkids in 2005. Sharon is the daughter of Paul and Virginia Baker.
The Holguin clan 2004. (Back, l-r) Mike Holguin, Brent Lowe, John Holquin, (Middle, l-r) Andrew Lowe, Ann (Holguin) Lowe, Sharon (Baker) Holguin, Keri Holguin, Kelly Holguin, (Front, l-r) Aaron Lowe, Ashley Lowe, Johnny Holguin Jr.
Grandpa Baker at Mom’s house in Kettering, Ohio, not long before his death in 1992. We had the privilege of caring for him the last few years of his life. I loved to hear him tell jokes or old stories that we had heard a hundred times. He had a gift for telling funny stories.
My uncle, James Baker, teaching singing school in Dayton, Ohio. He would travel through the country teaching people how to read shape note music and how to lead singing. I’m the brat on his right.
Jeremy Kouba, rear, second from right. Jeremy is the son of Debra (Baker) Conner and the grandson of James & Monnie Baker. This picture was taken directly after the US invaded Afghanistan following 9/11. Jeremy and his fellow airmen are posing with then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.



Grandpa & Grandma Baker at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
My grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. (l-r) Monnie & James Baker, Nettie (Burke) & Claude Baker, Paul & Virginia (Wolliver) Baker.
Grandpa & Grandma Baker @1978. Grandpa had recently won a fishing trophy and was very proud of it.
(left) Sandra Gay, (back) Donna Gay, (right) Tim Baker. I’m not sure who the little girl in the middle is.
My mom, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, and my aunt, Shirley (Baker) Gay. They have been told many times that they look like twins.
Grandpa Baker with his kids. (l-r) Shirley (Baker) Gay, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, Claude Baker, Paul Baker, David Baker.
The Baker clan at our house in Kettering, Ohio, in 1981. (l-r) Rhonda (Pittman) Baker, Jodie Baker, David Baker, Nettie (Burke) Baker, Evelyn (Baker) Roberts, Claude Baker, Gwen Roberts, Dan Gay, Shirley (Baker) Gay, Donna Gay.
Rick & Debra (Baker) Connor at their wedding in 1985. Debra is the oldest daughter of James & Monnie Baker.
The Gay clan, 1988. (Back, l-r) Ben , Sandra (Gay) , Donna (Gay) , Andy , (Front, l-r) Christa , Dan Gay, Shirley (Baker) Gay, Daniel .
My 2nd cousin, Majorie (Livesay) Singleton chatting with grandpa Claude Baker.
Grandpa & his youngest brother, Alfonso Baker.
My cousin, Tim Baker, & my uncle, David Baker, 2001. Tim is Paul Baker’s youngest son.
The Baker clan at Tim & Sally Baker’s house in Milton, Florida, 1994. (Back, l-r) Sally’s mom & dad, Dan Gay, Shirley (Baker) Gay, Virginia (Wolliver) Baker, Paul Baker, Jeremy Kouba, Monnie Baker, (Front, l-r) Sally Baker, Linda (Baker) Blevins, Baker, Blevins, Randy Blevins, Blevins, Debra (Baker) Connor.
Adam & Sarah (Baker) Morton. Sarah is my uncle David’s younger daughter.

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