Proposed Roberts line, beginning at Adam

Although I can’t guarantee its authenticity, I’m fascinated by this lineage From Adam to the Roberts line to Karen Ann Rightmyer at I took the liberty of splitting off my line from hers. Enjoy.

Adam (4004-3070 BC) – Eve
are my 112th great grandparents

Seth (3870-2978 BC) – Kalimath Azura

Enos (3765-2860 BC)
– Noam Seth

Cainan (3679-2769 BC)
– Mualeleth

Mahalaleel (3609-2714 BC) – Dinah

Jared (3544-2582 BC)
– Baraka

Enoch (3382-3017 BC) – Edna Danel

Methuselah (3317-2348 BC) – Edna

Lamech (3030-2353 BC) – Betenos Ashmus

Noah (2948-1998 BC) – Emzara

Shem (2454-1842 BC) – Sedeqetelebab

Arphaxad (2342-1904 BC) – Rasueja

Shelah – Mu’ak

Eber (2277-2004 BC)

Phaleg KING OF BABYLON (2243-1974 BC)


Serug KING OF UR (2181-1951 BC)
– Melka

Nahor (2151-2003 BC)

Terah KING OF AGADE (2122-1917 BC)

Abraham (lived 127 years) – Sarah

Isaac (1922-1742 BC) – Rebekah

Jacob (1892-1745 BC) – Leah

Judah KING OF GOSHEN (1805-1676 BC) – Tamar

Zerah (1751-1529 BC) – Electra Roma

Darda – founder of Troy (1710- BC) – Bates Asia   

Erichthonius KING OF TROY (1674- BC) – Queen Astyoche  

Tros KING OF TROY (1500- BC) – Queen Callirhoe

Ilus Trosson

Laomedon Ilusson

Tithonus Laomedonsson

Mennon Tighonusson underlord

married daughter of King Priam of Troy

Tror or Thor of Thrundheim – Sybil “Golden hair phrophetess”

Hloridi Trorsson

Einridi Hloridisson

Vingethor Einridisson

Vingener Vingethorsson

Moda Vingenersson

Magi Modasson

Seskef Magisson

Bedwig Seskefsson

Hwala Bedwigsson

Athra or Hodra Hwalasson

Itormann or Hermon Hodrasson

Heremodur Hermonsson

Skjoeld Heremodursson

Bjar Skjoeldsson

Jat Bjarsson

Bjar Jatsson

Jat Bjarsson

Greata Jatsson (80- BC)

Godwulfor Greatasson KING OF TROJANS (79-)

Flocwald Godwulforsson (99-)

Finn Flocwaldsson (129-)

Freothalat or Fredulph Finnsson (159-)

Frithuwald or Fredalat Fredulphsson (189-)

Woden or Odin Fredalatsson (215-)

Skjold Odinsson KING OF THE DANES (237-)


Fridleif Skjoldsson (259-)

Frodi Fridleifsson (281-)

Fridleif Frodesson (303-)

Haver Fridleifsson (325-)

Frodi Haversson (347-)

Vermund Frodesson (369-)

Olaf Vermundsson (391-)

Dan “the proud” Olafsson (412-)

Frodi “the peaceful” Dansson (433-)

Fridleif Frodesson (456-)

Frodi “the valiant” Fridleifsson (479-)

Halfdan KING OF DENMARD Frodesson (503-)

Helgi married Olof ‘the mighty’ Halfdansson (528-)

Alf Olofsson

Gauthild Alfsson

Radbart Gauthildsson KING OF GARDAIKE 

Randver Radbartsson (698 – 770)

Sigurd KING OF SWEDEN Randversson (730 – 812)

Ragnar “hairy britches” Sigurdsson (765 – 845)

Ivar KING OF DENMARK Ragnarsson

Eystein Glumra “the noisy” Earl of More Ivarsson (800 – )

Rognvald “the wise” Earl of More Eysteinsson (830 – 894)

Turf-Einar Earl of Orkney Rognvaldsson

Thorfinn Rollo Earl of Orkney Einarsson (907 – )

Hloduer Earl of Orkney Thorfinnsson (924 – )

Sigurd “the stout” Earl of Orkney Hloduersson (960 – 1014)

Brusi Sigurdsson (987 – )

Ragnvald Earl of Orkley Brusesson (1011 – 1046)

Sir Knight Robert de Bruce of Skelton Manor (1036 – )

Robert “The Rook” de Bruce II (1066 – 1094)

Robert de Bruce III

William de Bruce

Robert de Bruce V

Stephen Rookhurst (1260 – )

William Rookhurst of Winchett Hill (1300 – )

William Roberts

Robert Rookhurst

Sir Stephen Roberts Baron of Glassenbury (1375 – 1440)
Lady Johane Tyllye Baroness

John Roberts

John Roberts Baron of Glassenbury (1408 – )

Sir Walter Roberts (1442 – 1522)
– Alice Naylor

Thomas Roberts (1494 – 1562) – Elizabeth Framingham Dixon (my edit)

Thomas Roberts (1529 – 1567) – Margaret Jane Pigott

John Roberts I (1552 – 1573) – Margaret Johnson

John Roberts II (1571 – 1624)
(This is where my line and her line splits)

John Roberts III (1621-1695)

Richard Roberts I (1660-1747) – Elizabeth Staples

Richard Roberts II (1692-1747) – Catherine Beech

James Archibald Roberts (1724-1789) (Believed to be the first of my line to come to America, believed to be a Tory and possibly fought for the English King during the American Revolution) – Elizabeth Mumbray

William Roberts I (1744-1795) (Served in Looney’s Militia during the American Revolution) – Elizabeth “Walling” Wallen (Sister of “The Longhunter”, Elisha Wallen)

William Roberts II (1777-1815) (Came to Lee County, Virginia, in 1795) – Catherine Rogers (daughter of pioneer Daswell Rogers)

John Roberts (1795-1850) (Came to Lee County, Virginia, in 1795, served in The War of 1812) – Margaret Wallen

Jesse Roberts (1823-1919) (Served in the Confederates’ Company F, Virginia 50th Infantry Regiment, during the Civil War) – Ursula “Usley” Bledsoe

Elbert S. Roberts (1857-1933) (Longtime teacher and Principal at Blackwater School) – Nancy Ann Willis

Frederick Holmes Roberts (1894-1940) – Esta Mae Wallen (granddaughter of William “Big Sandy” Wallen)

Foyster Warren Roberts (1928-2010) (Relocated to Dayton, Ohio, in 1948, worked for GM for 51 years, lead singer of Gospel quartet, Deacon, Elder, and Song Leader) – Mildred Evelyn Baker (1933-present)

Jeffery Mark Roberts (1967-present) – Tracy Jean Patton (1967-present)

Lillian Grace Roberts (2005-present)

Nathan Patton Roberts (2007-present)


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  1. Renee Barstad Finley says:

    Hello Jeff. I just came across your blog and this post. I have been working on my family tree and now know that the Wallin, Walling, Roberts and Rogers lines are very prevalent in my tree. I enjoyed this post. My tree is on Ancestry. I can not say it is 100% correct but definately in the ballpark.

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