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Windows Into Our Past: The Long Hunters


Windows Into Our Past: The Long Hunters


If I have tracked my family back correctly, they came from the Deal, Kent, area of England to the United States.  But, reportedly they were originally from Scotland.  I have been trying to find the reason why they moved.  I found the following post from a John Roberts who is originally from Scotland but migrated to the Kent area in recent years.  It’s at,103.

“The Roberts family originated in the highlands of Scotland. During the Reign of Malcolm a member of the Roberts family caused offence to a member of Malcolm’s family which resulted in that part of the Roberts family leaving Scotland and settling in Kent, Southern England. They flourished there for several years around the existing town of Robertsbridge.  The Roberts family split 3 ways. One part stayed in the Kent area, a second part moved to East Anglia and the 3rd part moved to Wales. When the problem with King Malcolm occurred, half the family remained in Scotland. So it becomes difficult to determine your true lineage. At the time of Culloden, many Scots went to America and Canada, while others went to the far East. An example of the Roberts in East Anglia is the former Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, whose maiden name was Roberts. I am Scottish, born in Glasgow, moved to London when 13, married with 3 children who now live in Kent.  So I took Scottish Roberts to live alongside their ancient family.”

John Roberts
January 12, 2013 06:33AM

**Update 04/30/2018

Thanks to a distant cousin, Clarence Roberts, I have receive more detail on this.  Here is the posting at  Apparently, the Roberts are descendants of the Bruce line and share a common ancestor with Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.  When William De Bruce moved to Kent, he changed his surname to “Rookehust” (Rook’s Hill) in honor of the first Robert “The Rook” De Bruce, who came to England/Scotland with William The Conqueror.  Then he or his son Stephen changed their surname to Roberts in honor of that same ancestor.

“THE MANOR OF GLASSENBURY is of considerable note, the mansion of which is situated near three miles north-west from the church. This seat was for many generations the residence of the antient family of Rokehurst, the first of whom, who settled in this county, was William Rookehurst, alias Roberts, a gentleman of Scotland, of the shire of Anandale, who, leaving his native country, came to the adjoining parish of Goudhurst in the 3d year of king Henry I. and then purchased lands at Winchett hill there, where he built a mansion for his residence; which lands were afterwards named from him, the lands and denne of Rookeburst, which name it still retains, and there is a tablet put up over a tomb in the south chancel of this church, giving an account of him and his posterity, who bore for their arms, Azure, on a chevron, argent, three miles, sable. This family continued at Goudhurst for 274 years, till, in the reign of king Richard II. Stephen Roberts, alias Rookehurst, marrying Joane, daughter and heir of William Tilley, esq. of Glassenbury, whose ancestors had resided here, as appeared by private evidences, from the time of king Edward I.”

Rookhurst originated in the eleventh century, shortly after the Battle of Hastings, when William, son of Robert “The Rook”, moved from the Annandale region on the England/Scotland border to Kent. He built a manor on Winchett Hill which he called Rookhurst. His son began using the surname Roberts.

About 250 years later, in the thirteenth century, Stephen Roberts married Joan Tyllye, the heiress of Glassenbury, which was a short distance from Rookhurst. They built a new moated manor which they also called Glassenbury just down the valley from her childhood home.

My ancestors remained at Glassenbury for another 250 years. In 1623, Thomas Roberts arrived in America with William Hilton. He settled in what is now the Dover area of New Hampshire.

My family remained within 50 miles of this area for another 250 years, until my great-grandfather went first to Iowa, then his son to Oklahoma.

When we retired to Arkansas, we decided to call our farm Rookhurst.”

I remember Dad telling me that my great-grandpa, Elbert Roberts, attended a German Baptist Church in Blackwater.  The German Baptist were also known as “Dunkers” since they believed in completely immersing a person three times during baptism.  They are commonly known as the Church of the Brethren today.

I have tried to find a location for this church in Blackwater, Virginia without success.  However, I did find the following reference to it at a very information Church of the Brethren website, :


What did the Dunkers believe concerning slavery, at the official denominational level? Since the Dunkers or Brethren had migrated from Pennsylvania into a few southern States (Maryland, Virginia) with significant slave populations, the issue of slavery would inevitably confront them denominationally at their Annual Conference. The earliest record of an official mention was in their Annual Conference minutes for 1797, held at Blackwater, Virginia: “It was considered good, and also concluded unanimously, that no brother or sister should have negroes as slaves; and in case a brother or sister had such he or she was to set them free.[1] This had the effect of barring members from Communion and even disfellowshipping those who persisted in retaining slaves. Again the issue was similarly reflected in the minutes of the 1713 Conference held at Coventry, Pennsylvania.”

This is interesting since my direct ancestors fought for the Union although they were Southerners.

Here is another information web site:  Apparently, German Baptists played a big part in the battle of Sharpsburg.german-baptist-brethren-granger

German Baptists or Dunkers typically dressed similarly to the Amish and Mennonites.  They could be easily identified by their beards with no mustaches.  This reminds me of a story that Dad and Grandpa Baker told me when I was a kid.  I’m not sure if it was based on a real story or just a joke, but here is how it goes:

A German Baptist was riding a train and noticed that the man sitting across from him kept staring at him.  Finally, the man asked him, “Why do you wear your beard that way?”.  The German Baptist replied that he was a Dunker.  The man responded, “Well, I like to have a drink or two myself.  But I still don’t understand why you wear your beard that way.”

I hope that I didn’t offend you.  My Dad and Grandpa got tickled when they told that story.

If you have any more information on the German Baptist Church in Blackwater, I would love to hear it.  I have found a possible former location on the Blackwater Creek.  But I only have GPS coordinates for it.

Name                                                   Acres

Joseph Bayes                                       350

William Beel                                          100

William Griggory                                  60

Clement McDaniel                               300

James Caldwell                                     300

John Watkins                                       100

Samuel Brooks                                      125

Henry Blanks                                        175

Abednigo Tunner                                50                                                                                                                           Thomas James                                      100

John Onern                                           100

John Bayes Senior                               96

John Bayes Junior                               50

Stephen Coleman                                 800

Richard Brown                                      1166

Martha Stewart                                     400

Isham Farmer                                        445

John Terrill                                            400

William Hughes                                    200

Charles Irby                                          350

William Claibrook                                 400

Mary Dudgean                                     400

Richard Bayne                                      1000

Thomas Shields                                    80

Joseph Leak                                          100

Benjamin Brawner                                160

John Wimbish                                      2556

Beverley Barksdale                              324

Robert Mann                                        300

William Walron                                    670

Rawley White                                       460

Ambrose Hailey                                   225

David Terry                                           516

James Gray                                            880

Catherine Walker                                 800

Martha Lacy                                         400

Elijah King                                             434

Benjamin Terry                                     1000

Amos Thompson                                 900

Floyd Tanner                                        372

Reubin White                                       538

John Shackleford                                 112

Ambrose Corbin                                   100

Rubin Payne                                         1173

William Wright                                     255

Mark Hardin                                          200

John Martin                                          320

Thomas Corbin                                     130

Joseph Mottley                                    1512

Joseph Mottley                                    1512

William Willis                                       400

Braxton Mabrie                                     306

Daniel White                                         259

Joseph Mooreland                               250

Webb Kidd                                           200

Tucker Woodson                                 400

David Mottley                                      500

James Tanner                                        300

Jeremiah Ellington                                830

John Yates                                            100

Joseph Terry                                         550

Joab Meadows                                     100

William Terry                                        200

Enoch Ward Ellington                         200

William Ragsdale                                 270

Lucy Williams                                      510

Henry McDaniel                                   200

Lewis Williams                                     95

Roger Atkinson                                    5254

Mattox Mayes                                      480

Joseph Mayes                                      320

Stephen Terry                                       202

Colo. Robert Williams                         3866

Thomas Stratton                                  138

John Fox                                                1100

Abraham Murray                                 400

Francis Wisdom                                   485

Mark Shelton                                        200

William Handey                                    200

Benjamin Handey                                 400

James Conway’s Orphans                  300

George Handy Senior                          60

George Handy Junior                          238

Charles Lewis                                       260

John Lewis                                       160

Henry Terry Jr                                      200

Thomas Shaw                                       200

James Haggard                                     200

Henry Terry Senior                              356

Charles McLaughlin                            200

John Fitzgerald                                     400

James Henry                                         5600

Gardner Mayes                                     400

William Hamblin                                   400

Thomas Hill                                      400

Samuel Slate                                     100

Jacob Chainey                                   720

Joseph Chainey                                    100

John Creel                                        260

John Atkinson                                      150

Nathanial Hughes                                100

Hugh Kelly                                            200

Joseph Terry Senior                         150

William Herring                                    870

John H Hendrick                                  400

Mathew Tanner   400

John Prestage                                    400

George Grubbs                                     200

Thomas Shelton                                   190

William Shelton                                    200

Thomas Dodson Senior                      280

Nathaniel Gardner                                50

Lazarous Dodson                                 450

Thomas Madding                                100

John Farguson                                     400

Thomas Dodson Jr                              150

William Ingrium                                    400

Mary Hodnett                                       200

Robert Martin                                       270

Allen Adams                                         100

Spencer Shelton                                   370

Daniel Shelton                                      400

Crispin Shelton                                     1070

Gabriel Shelton                                     415

Abraham Shelton                                 1352

Charles Lanier Jr                                   200

Vincent Shelton                                    356

David Irby                                             370

Thomas Jones                                      1266

William Warmock                                 270

Jeremiah White                                     908

Elijah Walters                                       188

William Bennett                                    200

Creed Tanner                                        200

John Wilson                                         192

John Spencer                                        188

Roberts Walters Senior                       722

Robert Walters (son of Robert)         165

William Runnalds                                 204

Luke Miller                                            157

Robert Clopton                                     100

Gidion Shelton                                      500

Joshua Owen                                        100

James Diverson                                    100

Samuel Morris                                      100

Heath Garner                                         150

Matt Anderson                                    130

George Dodson                                    250

David Dodson                                      219

Joshua Dodson                                    150

Moses Hanks                                    220

Ezekiel Chaney                                100

James Watson                                      100

John Hall                                          500

John Bennett                                        180

Thomas Bennett                                   100

Alexander Lee                                       100

Joseph Flipping                                629

Capt John Walters                               200

Jonathan Hill                                    303

John Walters                                        200

Robert Walters (Son of Thomas)     200

Chechester Matthews                         200

Thomas Walters Senior                      775

Joseph Slayton                                     400

Peter Martin                                          150

Nimrod Scott                                         163

William Richardson                             76

Daniel Slayton                                      400

Robert Martin                                       130

James McMunday                               300

Rhoderick McDaniel                            100

William Madding                                 140

Faunious Dodson                                100

James Madding                                    176

James Adams                                        374

Jonathan Weldons’s Orphans           250

Rubin Watkin’s Orphans                    180

Pleasant Shields                                   230

John Hall Senior                                   175

Nathaniel Murry                                   230

William Murray                                    175

John Scott                                             175

Jeremiah Stimpson                               192

Euramus Stimson                                 122

Robert Stimpson                                  123

Daniel Everett                                       275

George Cook Jr                                     100

John Waller                                           710

James Hollaway                                    97

Absalum Hindrick                                295

Joseph Echolls Jr                                 440

Samuel Prunett                                     392

Abraham Murick                                  304

John Stamps                                         194

Edward Burgass                                   270

Thomas Wynne                                   915

William Harrison                                  249

William Durrott                                     300

Gabriel Richards                                   250

Moses Ayres                                        360

Joshua Handy                                      314

William Owen                                       200

Thomas Ayres                                      161

Colo. John Lanier (Bind)                     1140

Cap William Thomas                           2649

William Combs                                     320

John Woody                                         1000

Benjamin Stratton                                375

Charles Payne                                       62

John Worsham                                     666

Samuel Jones                                        200

George Lumkin Jr                                 150

Nathan Jones                                        200

Jacob Stillwell                                       200

Jacob Stillwell Jr                                   200

George Allen Davis                             300

Sythe Gowning                                     400

William Parr                                           400

Martain Beard                                       200

William Travis                                      109

Charles Wynne                                    600

Robert Wynne                                      150

John Wynne                                         208

Thomas Fearn                                       375

Robert Payne                                        200

William Dix                                            500

John Dix                                                 903

James Dix                                               200

William Dennison                                350

Daniel Worsham                                  63

Thomas Wilkinson                              151

John Haskins                                        190

John Wier                                              300

Bezaliel Wier                                         286

Thomas Pistol                                       150

Gabriel May                                          400

James Nelson                                        100

William Tweddle                                  200

Robert Glascock                                   400

William Wilkinson                               621

Joseph Jackson                                    335

Thomas Burgas Jr                                400

Orlando Smith                                       739

John Kirby                                            350

William Price                                         600

William Stratton                                   213

Charles Cates                                        400

Jacob Farris                                           320

Charles Lewis Senior                           240

Henry Snider                                         250

Simon Rowland                                    300

John Bird                                              200

Henry Mitchell                                     383

Benjamin Fambrough                          70

Edm’d Taylor 195

Martha Clark                                         200

Peter Irby                                               800

John Thurston                                      300

John Shelton                                         225

Thomas Davis                                      257

John Cates                                            200

William Paine                                        500

Thomas Paine                                       240

Richard Keezee                                     300

John Waller                                           100

Beverley Shelton                              396

Armistead Shelton                               2457

Mary Wade                                           200

James Wade                                          391

Peter Legrand                                       800

Cain Adams                                          175

John Adams Senior                             513

John Adams Jr                                      175

John Parks                                             255

Colo. Robert Wooding                        800

John Davis Jr                                        100

Stephen Yates                                      50

Nathan Adams                                     266

George Rowland                                   100

Thomas Harkins                                   100

Allen Burton                                         100

Thomas Doss                                       370

William Tucker                                     810

William Pace                                         800

Newsam Pace                                        162

John Pace                                              280

Morrice Hamblett’s Orphans             130

James Parham                                       265

Mary Buford                                         235

Moses Childners                                  90

Thomas Burgass Senr                         740

Theophelus Carter                               1860

James Lawless Jr                                  200

John Wright                                          134

William Cotterall                                   396

Henry Hardin Senr                               520

Henry Hardin Jr                                    188

Burwell Vadin                                       388

Thomas Chambers                               182

William Summers                                  307

Peter J Bailey                                        150

David Tanner                                        150

Joseph Rogers                                      596

Ambrose Nelson                                  136

Ann Fallin                                             200

William Lynch                                      2396

Alexander Murray                                1000

Samuel Bynum                                      200

Philip Adams                                        200

Ignatius N Tennerson                         200

Samuel Harris                                        4890

William Duncan                                    138

Larkin Dix                                              165

Robert Lumkin                                      366

Henry Mickleberry                               200

Moses Freeman                                    100

John Gee                                                100

James Burton                                        500

James Burks                                          318

David Lay Senior                                 150

Daniel Ragsdale                                   400

Jacob Whitworth                                 50

James McDaniel                                   100

Jasper Billings                                      100

William Runnalds                                 200

Thomas Clay                                         1000

Charles Clay                                          1000

Charles Smith                                        1700

Elizabeth McDaniel                              400

John May                                              200

John Asher                                           120

John Harness’s Orphans                    100

Joseph Hamblin                                    300

John Mullins                                         100

Josiah Cook                                          130

John Cook                                             100

John Long                                             162

Jasper Tomberlain                                290

Mathew Clay                                        1000

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Starling Cates                                       677

William Quinn                                       152

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Redmond Fallin                                    75

John Southerland                                 1252

George Southerland                             1763

Hames Gwinn                                        400

George Homes Gwinn                          190

William Astin Senior                           318

Peter Wilson                                         599

William Wilson                                     1000

Charles Williams                                  75

Edwin Hammonds                                250

John Stone Senr                                   85

John Stone Jr                                        130

John Ware                                             350

William Shelton                                    278

Sylvester Adams                                  4450

Jonathan Church                                  404

Richardson Whiteby                           300

Colo. John Wilson                               4070

Rich’d Gwin                                          730

Thomas Smith                                       2287

John Smith                                            4048

Hezekiah Smith                                     930

John McMillion                                    65

Thomas Drake                                      90

John Fulton                                           1140

John Vandegrief                                   400

Moses Vincent                                     150

Robert Cullum                                       100

James Fulton                                         890

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Shadrick Boaz                                       180

Thomas Boaz                                        3377

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Thomas Roberson                               470

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James Craine                                         312

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William Rickett                                     185

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John Chattin                                         492

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Wm Lightfoot’s Orphans                   4400

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James George                                        597

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Rich’d Chick                                         300

Charles Crenshaw                                2500

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John Doss                                             135

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Joshua Abston                                     292

William Ervine                                      510

Joseph Harris Senr                               300

Joseph Fanning Jr                                100

Charles Fanning                                   100

Edward Flowers                                    400

Michael Gilbert                                     100

Benjamin Hendrick                               100

Philip Perkins                                        150

Nathaniel Hendrick                              407

Colo. Charles Lynch                            614

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Haynes Morgan                                   658

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John Robinson                                     100

Joel Short                                              70

Joshua Short                                         39

Misheck Tanner                                   1166

Richard Thurman                                 550

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John Vaughan                                      392

Thomas Vaughan Jr                             396

Thomas Vaughan Senr                        170

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Owen West                                           700

Absalum Ramey                                   170

Nathan Glenn                                        307

Benjamin Clements Exor                      375

Capt. Isaac Clements                           746

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Elizabeth Holden                                  50

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Robert Adams                                      400

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Christopher Hutchings                       1022

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Elijah Parkham                                      267

Charles Clay                                          1300

Daniel Ragsdale                                   600

Joseph Richards                                   150

Jonas Lawson                                       600

Leonard Tunstall                                  700

Sylvanus Stokes                                  1537

George Hamblin                                    650

Edward Ware                                        490

Aaron Hutchings                                 540

Hezekiah Pigg                                       1800

Joshua Cantrill                                      987

Jesse Robinson                                    1941

James Bleakley                                     500

James Magabee                                    200

Jacob Isaac                                           300

Henry Rollins                                        410

Jonathan Thomas                                250

Samuel Shields                                     775

James Garner                                         585

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William Shields                                     473

Matthew Sparkes                                 796

James Young                                        150

John Harris                                            100

John Young                                          120

Shadrick Turner                                    200

Joseph Shields                                     651

Gilbert Burnett                                      96

James Denton                                       142

John Beggarley                                    100

Elizabeth Cunningham                        100

Henry Burnett                                       261

Thomas Shields                                    70

Thomas Cunningham                          157

John Shields                                         150

William Beck                                         600

Benjamin Crawley                                488

Spencer Runnalds                                200

Rich’d Tanner                                      150

John Cox                                                109

James Cox                                              437

Zachariah Sneed                                  150

James Burnett                                       400

Jacob Riger                                           210

Joseph Cunningham                            916

Shadrack Scare                                     100

William Booker                                     100

John Gammon                                       409

Benjamin White                                    200

Edward Legg                                         60

John Owens                                          308

William Owens                                     100

Thomas Finley                                      113

Rich’d Gibson                                       100

Jiles Gibson                                           100

Richard Lay                                           100

Robert Payne                                        560

James Lyle                                             96

Thomas Duncan                                   200

Hal. Dixon                                              1200

John McLane                                        300

Samuel Bynum                                      200

William Barton                                      300

William Duncan                                    170

Robert Clements                                   300

William Thaxton                                   640

Elizabeth Yates                                     130

John Yates                                            270

William Harrison                                  1644

Nicholas Perkins                                  927

Constant Perkins                                  2598

Hardin Perkins                                      370

William Wodley                                   246

Jonathan Church                                  700

Nehemiah Trayham                              236

Nathaniel McGufford                          200

Robert Crockett                                    300

Nathan Watson                                    650

John Norton                                          140

William Sutton                                      375

Thomas Sparks                                     350

Thomas Hill                                           786

John Still                                                662

Jacob Norton                                        300

Nehemiah Norton                                 300

William Watson                                   366

Edward Givins                                      700

George Davis                                        180

John Davis                                            192

William Davis                                       350

George Conn                                         150

William Mitchell                                   150

Ignatious Wilson                                 164

Presley Thornton                                 150

Elizabeth Conely                                  40

Zadock Barnett                                     100

John Brown                                           134

Joseph Minter                                      190

Edward Cahall                                       217

Edward Warren                                    250

John Briscoe                                         250

Charles Oakes                                       221

Miss Clay & Company                        4000

James Oakes                                         221

Joseph Conn                                         1337

Philip Jenkins                                        100

Butter Stone Street                              150

Ellender Norton                                    100

William Oakes                                       75

Samuel Lewis                                        300

Samuel/Lemuel  Smith                         632

Daniel Dodson                                     700

Philip Perkins                                        300

Thomas Hampton                                495

David Harris                                          100

William Southerland                            100

Thomas Stephens                                100

Isham Lansford                                    100

David Stephens                                    100

Henry Lansford                                    250

Joseph Harris                                        200

George Fuller Harris                             200

David Scales                                         300

Mathew Nance                                     200

Sarah Watkins                                      223

Robert Bullington                                400

Giles Nance                                           800

Minen Smith                                         112

William Mitchell                                   160

Zachariah Grooms                                100

James King                                            200

George Young                                      200

Capt. Joseph Morton                          1053

John Govin                                            400

John Pigg                                              900

Benjamin Burnett                                 440

Thomas Price                                        400

Rich’d Chamberlan’s Orphans           400

Pyrant Easley                                        205

Samuel Davis                                        150

William Short                                        800

George Prosize                                      100

Nathaniel Thacker                                190

Joseph Thacker                                    60

George Miers                                        200

Thomas Wade                                      200

Thomas Hardy                                      700

Joshua Welch                                       230

David Weatherford                              100

Wm Hardy’s Orphans                         500

Charles Wright                                     100

Wyth Allen                                           180

Roger Atkinson                                    800

William Easley                                      715

William Parsons                                   50

Joseph Parsons                                    120

George Parsons                                    270

Samuel Parsons                                    50

William Moore                                      100

John Medkiff                                        400

Richard Pigg                                         40

Majar Willis                                          200

Major James Johnson                         150

Thomas Armstead                               1600

Edmund Hodges                                  750

John Hodges                                        137

Thomas Hodges                                   260

George Dyer                                          50

Abraham Allen                                     240

Watson Hindy                                      376

Joel Atkins                                            110

William Atkins                                      100

Nathanial Atkins                                  100

James Atkins                                        50

Joseph Hundley                                   250

Luther Hopper                                      300

John Martin                                          100

Elizabeth Mayes                                   50

Richard Atkins                                     100

William Prosize                                     300

William Lucas                                       100

Walter Lamb                                         800

Jesse Duncan                                       100

Epapa White                                         588

John Emmerson                                    400

Rich’d Prewitt                                       150

William Pigg                                          360

Robert Duncan                                     297

Samuel Emmerson                                390

William Devin                                       731

William Leak’s Orphans                      400

William Devin Jr                                   200

James Biggers                                       100

John White                                           349

John Biswell                                          800

Joseph Austin                                      702

John Morton                                         1885

Daniel Johnson                                    200

Joseph Ballinger                                   305

Martin Webb                                        200

Samuel Mosley                                     100

Arthur Nash                                          234

Daniel Hankins                                     7167

Jacob Cooley                                        270

Joseph Alsup                                       200

Thomas Johns                                      555

Thomas Searenton                               740

John Stocktone                                    1546

Jacob Cleaverland                                200

Arthur Fuller                                         105

Zachariah Fallin                                    200

John Warren                                         250

Benjamin Benie                                    500

John Peancey                                      100

Peter Fields Jefferson                          1100

George Jefferson’s Estate                   1561

William Matthews                                200

John Wooton                                       130

Wm/Mr Hamblin                                  320

Abraham Aaron                                   220

James Brewer                                        1273

James Mitchell                                      200

Drury Oliver Estate                              492

John Philpot                                          500

James Roberts                                      1386

William Roberts                                    546

Robert Onn                                           1000

Hugh Runnalds                                    65

Leonard Delosher                                250

Benjamin Sampson                              288

George Smith                                        894

William Nealley                                    50

Rebecca Mahan                                   250

Joseph Reynalds                                  260

Benjamin Duncan                                 100

Edward Jones                                       400

Samuel Martin                                      160

Thomas Read                                        200

John Ball                                                280

Samuel Calland                                     415

John Cheedle                                        280

James Dunough 400

John Cornwell                                       100

James Shockley                                    350

Elijah Watkins                                      500

Charlton Shockley                               250

Harmon Cook                                        1052

Joseph Walker                                      100

John Watson                                        523

Simon Justice                                        220

William Wright                                     400

John Junley 302

Charles Rigney                                     200

William Wright                                     800

James King                                            130

John Swinney                                       100

Alexander Lackey                                480

Colo. John Markham                           1600

Robert Bruce                                         247

John Griggory                                       260

William Dunning                                  240

John George                                          1159

John Bailey                                           400

Samuel Hughes                                    633

James Lawless                                      611

John Dyer                                              333

Aaron McKenny                                  162

John Cleaver                                         250

Thomas Finny                                      260

Thomas Lackey                                    400

Joseph Maples                                     257

William Hopwood                                400

George Murphy                                    238

William Goodman                                 582

Hugh Henry                                          400

James Taylor                                         271

William Bucknall                                  100

Samuel Crain                                         1200

Noton Dickinson                                  488

Jeremiah Worsham                              338

Josiah Farguson                                   60

John Duncan                                        395

Thomas Watson Jr                              466

Thomas Watson Senior                      200

Humphrey Hendrick                            700

John Pond                                             200

William Maples                                    163

William Griffith’s Estate                      400

Frances More Petty                             300

Killian Kreck                                         150

Thomas Black                                       498

Benjamin Leprad                                  430

Alexander Robinson                            322

John Kirby                                            100

William Burdet                                      120

Robert Cowan                                       100

Sarah Davis                                           170

William Irving                                       150

Michael Gilbert                                     200

William Justice                                     266

Peyton Smith                                        612

Peter Finney                                          400

Henry Conway                                     1026

Lodowick Tuggle                                 600

George Peak                                          100

Joseph King                                          185

Thomas Ramey                                     200

William Young                                      1232

David Polley                                         673

William Sheilds                                     100

William Witcher                                   100

John Witcher                                        190

James Witcher                                      202

William Parker                                       50

Jeremiah Ward                                      431

Peyton Wade                                        50

Daniel Lovell                                         500

Richard Bennet                                     256

Thomas Bennett                                   75

Booker Smith                                        150

Jesse Keezee                                         250

James Kann                                           450

George Herndon                                   250

David Ross                                           6792

James Mitchell                                      546

William Mitchell                                   400

Bryant Ward Nowling                         318

David Dalton                                        126

Robert Dalton                                       85

William Thompson                              450

John Hensley                                        100

Abraham Goad                                     180

George Phillips                                     150

James Dalton                                        100

Benjamin Tarrant                                  645

John Dalton                                          270

William Bennet                                     275

Reubin Bennet                                      274

John Lawson                                        290

William Ward                                        1626

John Collin                                            300

John Wheeler                                       300

Richard Walden                                   1030

William Baber                                       224

Charles Callaway                                  500

Ralph Smith                                           898

John Talbot                                           570

William Smith                                        150

Nathan Thurman                                  700

Littleberry Patterson                            400

Thomas Tunstall                                  1142

John Ward                                            1388

Thomas Barnett                                    100

Preston Gilbert                                      250

Thos Tunstall from Rich’d Brown     96

Jeremiah Keesee                                   450

Sarah Vaughan                                     149

Roger Atkinson                                    13000

Jonathan Phillips                                  400

Nottley Wheate                                    100

Charles Goad                                        200

Pattience Dalton                                   200

Gidion Shelton                                      170

James Downey                                     400

Edward Hampton                                 200

Arthur Keezee                                      200

Jesse Evins                                           160

Benjamin Shelton Jr                             200

John Williams                                       200

John Doss                                             200

William McDuel                                   200

Jacob Barryer                                      240

Daniel Bates                                          200

Ambrose Hunt                                      120

Peter Perkins                                         1000

James Andrews                                    300

William Allin Senr                                190

William Betterton                                 434

Henry Brown                                        210

Major Childres                                      200

Gilbert Hunt                                          637

John Kelly                                             50

Joshua Stone                                        1413

John Ward Jr                                        913

Joseph Cook                                         400

William Vason                                      300

Joseph West Senior                            350

James Magbee                                      100

William Todd                                        600

Richard Todd                                        100

Robert Farguson                                  75

A Copy Teste

Jos. Akin   D.C.P.C.

copy done by Cynthia Hubbard Headen

source: The Magazine of VA Genealogy, v.23, #1 (Feb.1985),
transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito

These lists were taken from a typewritten copy found in the Clerk’s Office, Pittsylvania County, at Chatham, Virginia.  The two following affidavits found attached to the copy are self- explanatory.

I, S. H. F. Jones, do hereby certify that about the year 1930 I personally copied and had checked the names of persons who took the oath of Allegiance in 1777 as shown by manuscripts then in the Clerk’s Office of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  The writing was faded and a few names could not be deciphered.  Every effort was made to transcribe the names as they appeared on the manuscripts.  The names of the foregoing Lists are a true and correct copy of the aforesaid manuscripts to the best of my knowledge and belief.  The lists were also checked by Mr. Langhorne Jones, atty.
Given under my hand and seal this 8th day of November, 1939.
S. H. F. Jones (Seal)

State of Virginia
Pittsylvania County, To-wit:
I, E. E. Friend, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, the same being a Court of Record, do hereby certify that Mrs. S. H. F. Jones whose name is signed to the foregoing writing bearing date 8th day of November 1939, personally appeared before me in my county, Office and State aforesaid and made oath that the foregoing statements are true to the best of her knowledge and belief.  Given under my hand this 8th Nov. 1939.
E. E. Friend
Clerk Pittsylvania Circuit Court
Chatham, VA

List of George Carter
Beverly Barksdale
William Bennett
Jno. Campbell
Abrm. Chaney
Jacob Chaney
Joseph Chaney
Zekial Chaney
Chas. Chelton
Mark Chelton
Thos. Chelton
Jno. Chilton
William Chilton
Matthew Cox
Thomas Crain
James Craine
Thomas Creal
Jno. Creel
Jeremiah Deadman
Elisha Dodson
Geo. Dodson
Lazarus Dodson
Rolly Dodson
Thos. Dodson
John Fitzgerald
Daniel Gardner
Heath Gardner
Nath. Gardner
Sylvany Gardner
James Haggard
Henry Harding
Martin Harding
Geo. Hardy, Jun.
Joshua Hardy
William Hardy
Micajah Harley
John H. Hedrick
William Ingram
Jeffry Johnson
Chs. Kennon
Elisha King
Francs. Kirby
Henry Kirby
Henry Kirby, Sr.
John Kirby, Jun.
William Kirby
Jno. Walter Kupper
James Lawless
Chs. Lewis
Jno. Lewis
Thos. Lomox
Matthias McBee
Chas. McLaughton
James McLees
John Madden, Jun.
Joshua Owens
Rolly Owens
Jno. Paul
Thomas Peyne
John Prestridge
Jno. Prestridge, Jr.
William Price
William Ryburn
Joshua Shirlock
Samuel Slate
Ben. Stratton
Thos. Stratton
Jno. Talleaferro
William Taylor
Barton Terry
Ben Terry
Charles Terry
David Terry
Harry Terry
Henry Terry
Jno. Terry
Joseph Terry
Joseph Terry, Jun.
Thos. Terry
Jno. Waller
Richd. Watson
John Winters
Elias Wodson
Jno. Wright
Malachiah (unknown)

Persons Refusing to take Oath
Abrm. Campbell
Saml. Kirby
Uriah Pruitt
William Russell

Thomas Dillard, List
Chas. L. Adams
Henry Barton
William Bingham
John Bowmer
Henry Brown
James Brown
Robert Bruce
William Cash
William Chick
James Childress
Major Childress
Matthew Childress
Isaac Clement
Stephen Clements
Joseph Collon
William Collon
John Dillard
James Doss
James Doss
John East, Sen.
Joseph East
Thos. East
Samuel Eblin
Richard Ellis
Edward Evens
George Evens
George Evens, Jr.
Moses Faris
William Fealder
Nathl. Handrake
Thomas Hardie
Tho. Harris
Jacob Holland
Sec. Hook
David Hunt
Thomas Kersey
Harmon King John Luck
Moses McDaniel
James Markin
Henry Mullins
Jacob Nichols
John Owen
Thorpe Parrott
Jessey Pattey
Green Wood Payne
John Pemberton
William Pemberton
Joseph Slater
Christopher Sutton
Issac Tynes
James Vaughan
John Vaughan
Thomas Vaughan
William Vaughan
George West
John West
Joseph West
Joseph West, Jr.
Owen West
George Wilcox, Jr.
George Wilcox, Sen.

Stephen Coleman’s List
Richard Bayn
Charles Beasley
Henry Blanks
John Boise
Joseph Boise
Josiah Boise
Ben. Brawner
Samuel Brooks
John Brown
Nathan Brown
Richard Brown, Sen.
James Cardwell
William Childress
Richard Chumney
William Connelly
William Donaldson
Moses Estes
John Farguson
Joseph Farguson
Isham Farmer
James Farmer
James Farmer, Jun.
David Gwyn
Thos. Gwyn
Ambrose Haley
John Hammond
David Henry
Hugh Henry
Isaac Henry
Thos. Hutchings
David James
Edward Jones
Thomas Jones
John Justice
Joseph Leak
Thos. Leak
John Martin
Jacob Meadows
George Murphy
James Murphy, Jun.
James Murphy, Sr.
John Owen
Thos. Pass
Reuben Payne
William Porter
William Ragsdale
William Right
William Russell
John Shackleford
Cornelius Short
James Singleton
Thos. Sparks
Abrm. Spencer
John Stewart
John Stone
Saml. Stone
Stephen Terry
William Terry
David Walker
Jno. Watkins
David Watt
George West
Rawley White
Beverly Willard
John Williams
Joseph T. Williams
William Williams
John Willis
William Willis
John Yates
Richard Yates

Capt. Hankin’s List
Joseph Akins
William Akins
Abraham Aron
Henry Atkins
Henry Atkins
Richard Atkins
William Atkins
John Ball
Joseph Ballinger
Caleb Brewer
Frances Bucknall
John Bunkley
Jacob Cleveland
Thomas Clift
William Coggin
John Cook
William Cook
David Dalton
James Dalton, Sen.
William Day
Leonard Delosher
James Devine
John Devine
William Devine
Robert Duncan
James Durrey
George Dyer
Arthur Fuller
Brit. Fuller
Zachariah Fuller
William Goodman
James Gravely, Junr.
Watson Henry
Edmund Hodges
Jesse Hodges
Thomas Hodges
Luther Hopper
Robert Hopper
Harrison Hubbard
Caleb Hundley
John Jackson
Samuel Johnson
William Johnson
Alexander Lackey
James Lynch
William McGeehee
David McKinney
Stephen McMillan
Mathew Martin
William Mathews
William Mayes
James Mitchell
William Morgan
John Mullins
William Mullins
William Neally
William Oliver
John Pearson
William Pigg
Richard Prewitt
Hugh Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds
John Roberts
William Roberts
Benjamin Sexton
George Smith
Joseph Standley
John Warren
John White

Lankford’s List
John Ballinger
John Barrett, Jr.
John Bay, Jr.
William Betterton
John Brewer
James Buckley
John Buckley
Francis Chumley
John Cleaver
Stephen Collins
Soloman Cross
John Dickerson
William Doss
Abraham Downey
Peter Downey
Elisha Dyer
Charles Farris, Jr.
James Farris, Jr.
Joseph Farris, Jr.
Joseph Farris, Sen.
Thomas Farris, Sen.
Robert Ferguson
James George
John George
John George
Collins Hampton
Thomas Hampton
John Harness
James Harris, Sen.
William Harskins
James Henderson, Sen.
Thomas Henderson
Benjamin Hedrick
John Keezee
Geo. Landsdown
Joseph Lankford
Franc. Luck
James Maybee
Henry Mitchell
Joseph Moody
Daniel Morgan
George Morgan
Francis Short
Joel Short
William Sizzer
John Stone
Joshua Stone
Rich. Todd
Willm. Todd
Meshack Turner
Shadrick Turner
Abner Vance
Matthew Vance
Thos. Vaughan, Jr.
Thos. Vaughan, Sr.
Willm. Vaughan
John Whelock
R. Williams
L.C. Wilkin
John Wyatt

Jas. Morton’s List
Joseph Austin
James Biggers
William Bisnell
James Bleakley
John Bleadley
Joshua Cantrell
Edward Covington
James Cox, Sen.
John Cox, Sen.
Benj. Crowley
Richard Cullom
Jesse Duncan
James Fulton
Archd. Gibson
John Gibson
Randolph Gibson
Samuel W. Gouley
James Granly
William Hankins
Thomas Harget
Daniel Johnston
Thomas Johnston
John Jones
James King
Adam Lackey
John Lackey
Thomas Livingston
Zachariah McCubbins
James McGeehee
Walter Matney
George Mays
Jehu Morton
John Morton
John Nelson
Joshua Nelson
William Oakes
David Payne
Edmd. Payne
Mathew Pigg
David Rawlings
William Read
Ignatius Redmond
James Richey
James Robertson
John Robertson
Wm. Robertson
Matthew Sparks
John Stocktone
Robert Stocktone
Adam Stultz
David Watson
James Whitesides
James Young

Robert Payne’s List
Jana. Abbott
William Astin, Jun.
Henry Baldwin
Chas. Barnett
Lewis Barton
James Brown
Sam. Bynum
Jno. Cargill
Thos. Charlton
Jacob Chipman
Jno. Chipman
Wm. Cornelius
Ben Craigg
James W. Daniel
James Dix
John Dix
Jno. Dix
William Dix
William Dix
Thomas Dudley
Lewis Garrett
Richard Gibson
Will Gillaspy
Richard Gwynne
Saml. Harris
Jno. Haskins
George Hudson
George Humphries
Jno. Jones
William Kennon
Benj. Lawless, Jr.
Jno. Lawrence
David Lay
Geo. Lumpkins, Sen.
Peter McCaul
Jno. McMillion
Hugh Mahoon
Wm. Muncas
Michl. Obarr
Luke Pendergrass
Thos. Perkins
Thos. Pestal
Benj. Ratcliff
Jno. Ratcliff
Wm. Richardson
James H. Roberson
David Rolls
George Southerland
William Stubblefield
Parmenas Taylor
Ben Theasher
James Thornton
Wm. Travis
Geo. Twedell
Jacob Whitworth
Davd. Worsham
Jno. Worsham
Bazald Wyer
Jno. Wyer
William Wynn, Sen.
John Wynne
Robert Wynne
John Yates, Jun.
Geo. Yunt

Reuben Pain’s List
Absolem Addams
Allen Addams
Cain Addams
John Addams, Jun.
John Addams, Sen.
Nathan Addams
Thomas Addams
William Addams
Zebulon Brynson
Daniel Cofman
Samuel Dilerd
John Dupays
Pryant Easley
Josiah Fargeson
Moses Freeman
Thos. Gee
Henry Hall
John Hall
John Hall
Daniel Hankins
Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy, Sen.
William Hardy
Hugh Henry, Sr.
Nathaniel Hughes
Aaron Hutchings
Charles Hutchings
Charles Hutchings
Christopher Hutchings
Moses Hutchings
Benjamin Lankford
Francis Lamson
Jonas Lawson
Daniel Lovell
Marcom Loval
John McGhee
John Martin
John May
John Mode
William Moore
John Nuckels
Josiah Nuckles
Edmund Pain
Philemon Pain
John Parsons
Joseph Parsons
Samuel Parsons
George Perseye
Hezekiah Pigg
James Pigg
Benjamin Porter
Joseph Porter
Joseph Pruett
Bird Pruitt
Levey Pruitt
Daniel Ragsdale
Frederick Ragsdale
Joseph Richards
Armstead Shelton
John Short
William Short
Burel Vading
Zachariah Waller
William Waters
Archebel Weatherford
Harding Weatherford
John Weatherford
Joshua Welch
John Wilson
John Wimbush
William Witcher

Charles Kennon’s List
James Adams
Baker Ayers
Moses Ayers
William Barker
Thomas Beach
Jno. Bennett
Thomas Bennett
Benj. Burgess
Edward Burgess
Zack Bowles
George Carter
Jno. Carter
William Carter
William Cauthern
Tunis Cole
Charles Collie
William Collie
Bartholomew Crowder
James Daniel
John Ditty
David Dodson
Fortunatus Dodson
Geo. Dodson
Greenham Dodson
Hightower Dodson
Jesse Dodson
Rolly Dodson
Tho. Dodson
William Dodson
William Durrett
Patrick Early
Joseph Echols
Richard Echols
George Eubanks
Daniel Everett
David Hall
John Hall
John Hall, Jr.
Joseph Hall
Joses (?Moses) Hanks
Benj. Harrison
Jonathan Hill
Joseph Hill
Thomas Hill
Edward Howard

Ezekial Howard
Alexander Lee
Charles Lewis
Howell Lewis
John Lewis (Byrd)
Robert Lewis
William Lewis
Ratherick McDaniel
John Madden
Robert Madden
Thomas Madden
William Maddon
Smallwood Coghill Marlin
Peter Martin
James Menasco
James Sml.wood Owen
John Owen
Uriah Owen
William Owen
William Owen, Jr.
Michael Ozbrooks
John Payne
John Payne
John Payne
Poyndexter Payne
Robert Payne
William Petty
Zack.h Pruitt
Phillip Pruitt
Samuel Pruitt
James Roberts
Buckner Russell
Jeremiah Simpson
John Stamps
Isham Tatum
William Thomas
William Twedel
Elijah Walters
John Walters
Robert Walters
Robert Walters, Jun.
Thomas Walters
Thomas Walters, Jr.
William Walters
James Watson
John Watson
Jonathan Weldon
Peyton Wood
Thomas Wynne

Capt. Jas. Roberts’ List
Martin Bailey
Wm. Bailey
Lemuel Black
Thomas Black
Samuel Bolling Robert Bolton
Thomas Brandon
James Brewer
James Brewer
Thomas Bucknall
William Burdeth
Samuel Calland
Charles Calloway
John Campbell
Stephen Center
John Cock
Benjamin Cook
James Dillard
Benjamin Duncan
Samuel Duncan
John Durham
Joseph Dyer
John Ellis
Peter Finney
William Fitzgerald
Michael Gilbert
Benjamin Hammmond
William Hammond
John Hanna
William Heard
Noble Johnson
John Kirby
Nathaniel Kirby
Adam Lackey
Thomas Lackey
William Lackey
Saml. Langbee
Thomas Lawrence
Benjamin Leprad
Littleberry Mallock
John Melton
William Peak
William Pigg
David Ray
Payton Smith
Robert Smith
William Still
James Stockley
Jeremiah Stone
George Taylor
Ludwick Tuggle
William Turner
John Walker William Webb

James Lander

Abraham Shelton’s List
Absolem Bransom
William Bucknal
John Caffey
Seth Caldwell
Stephen Coleman
Alex Donelson
John Donelson, Esq.
John Donelson, Jun.
Charles Dowel
William Easley
Joseph Farris
John Farthing
Richard Farthing
Tandy Farthing
Edmund Fitzgerald
Harris Gammon
Jonathan Griffeth
William Griffith
William Griffith, Jr.
Holmes Gwinn
John Gwinn
Daniel Hankins, Esq.
John Henry
Henry Hix
George Holland
James M. Hugh
John Jones
William Jones
John Kirby
William Lewis
Joseph Maples
Samuel Martin
James Metcalf
John Metcalf
Joseph Metcalf
Joseph Morton, Esq.
John Norton
Bryan Oneal
William Pace
Joseph Parsons
Richard Parsons
William Parsons
Reuben Payne, Esq.
Richd. Pilson
William Purnell
John Rigney
Jesse Robinson
Jesse Rowland
Nath. Rowland
Symon Rowland
Crispin Shelton, Esq.
Daniel Shelton
John Shelton
Phil. Southerland
Jas. Semore Swinney
John Swinney
James Taylor
Joseph Terry
William Thomas
Jeremiah Warsham
John Watson
John Watson, Jr.
Thomas Watson
William Watson
Nattey Wheat
William Widby
Major Willis
Stephen Yates

Chas. Rigney, Jun.
Chas. Rigney, Sen.
Jonathan Rigney

Crispin Shelton’s List
David Barber
John Barber
John Barrott
Richard Barrott
James Bruce
Uriah Cammeron
Abednego Castiel
Thomas Davis
John Doss
John East
Elisha Farris
Thomas Farris, Jun.
Robert Foster
Thomas Gazaway
John Greggory
Benjamin Gudger
James Heneerson, Junr.
Joshua Hudson
Paul Hudson
David Irby
Francis Irby
James Irby
Peter Irby
Jesse Keezee
Richard Keezee
Moreman Lawson
Charles Lewis, Jun.
Charles, Sen. (Sic)
Abraham Motley
Avery Mustain
Jesse Mustain
Thomas Mustain
Leonard Pace
Lewis Parrott
Abraham Payne
John Payne
Josiah Payne
Leonard Payne
Thomas Payne
William Payne
Joseph Roberts
George Russ
Thomas Shields
Abraham Shelton
Beverly Shelton
Crispin Shelton, Jun.
Gabriel Shelton
Vincent Shelton
William Shelton
Young Shelton
Edmund Taylor

William Short’s List
Samuel Askey
Peter James Bailey
Thos. Burgess
John Cartin
Daniel Davis
John Gee
Henry Hardin
Mark Hardin
Martin Hardin
Wm. Hartin
Daniel Lynch
(unknown) Perdew
Isaac Sartin
Page Sartin
Sillvanus Stokes
Geo. Strother
Gabl. Tutt

William Ward’s List
Joshua Abston
William Baker
Reuben Bennett
William Bennett
John Bobbitt
John Bosswell
Jeremiah Burnett
John Byrd
Charles Calloway
Benjamin Clements
Benjamin Clements
James Clements
Thomas Colley
Shadrick Collier
John Collin
James Dalton
John Dalton
Joseph Dalton
Randolph Dalton
John Ellis
William Ellis
David Evens
Benjamin Foster
John Goard
Thomas Goard
William Goard
Richard Halloway
John Hargess
John Holland
Thomas Holland
George Keysee
John Lawson
Benjamin McDowell
William McDowell
Michael Mullings
Benjamin Mullins
Thomas Music
John Neal
Little B. Patterson
David Perry
Elisha Pruitt
Field Robertson
John Robertson
Thomas Robertson
Joseph Smith
Ralph Smith
William Smith
William Spragins
Nathan Thurman
Charles Walden

John Wilson’s List
George Adams
Richard Anders
John Anglin
John Asher
John Ashworth, Jr.
Bob Baker
Thos. Billing
John Booth
George Brittian
Thomas Brown
James Brumfield
Charles Burton
James Burton
John Anderson Burton
Wm. Burton
Sterling Cats
Joseph Cook
John Davis
Thos. Cooper Dickerson
Larkin Dix
Thos. Drake
Charles Duncan
John Duncan
James Elliott
Benj. Fallow
Edmund Fallow
Thos. Fletcher
Julas Gibson
James Gossett
James Gossett, Sr.
Shadrick Gossett
Thos. Gossett
James Gowing
Geo. H. Gwin
John Gwin
Edmund Hammons
David Harris
Gosdale Hollis
Joseph Irwin
Wm. Irwin
Charles Lacy
David Lacy, Jr.
Geo. Lacy
John Lacy
Richard Lacy
John Fuller Lane
James Lawles
Edward Legg
Charles Longmir
John McClain
Daniel McDaniel
(unknown) Mahaney
John Marr
Nathan Morefield
Nehemiah Morton
David Owen
John Owen
William Owen
William Owen
James Parrott
Peter Perkins
John Phillips
John Prewett
John Price
Timothy Reagain
William Ricketts
Francis Ross
John Ross
Bazela Scott
Simon Scott
John Shelton
William Shelton
David Shockley
Edward Smith
Hezekiah Smith
Mathew Sparks
Thomas Sparks
Levy Stockley
John Stone, Jr.
John Stone, Sr.
Wm. Stublefield
Geo. Sutherlin
John Sutherlin
Joseph Tomling
Lewis Tucker
Geo. Vincent
Moses Vincent
Thos. Vicent
Elisha Walker
Thomas Waroham (?Worsham)
Thomas Watson
Benj. White
Thomas Wilkerson
Charles Williams
Thos. Williamson
Peter Wilson
William Wilson
Thomas Wright

William Witcher’s List
Jesse Atkenson
Moses Atkenson
Morris Atkinson
Henry Atkinson
John Barnard
Bery Bennett
James Bennett
Richard Bennett
Stephen Bennett
Thomas Bennett
Wm. Bennett, Sr.
Randal Bobit
Robert Bomer
Jno. Clement
Dan’l Collins
David Dalton, Jr.
John Dalton
Robert Dalton
Robert Dalton
Samuel Dalton
Soloman Dalton
Thomas Dalton
Timothy Dalton
Wm. Dalton
Jacob Dyer
William Dyer
Arthur Fearn
Richard Fowler
Jas. Garrison
Abraham Goad
Charles Goad
Robert Goad
Wm. Goad
Richard Hammock
James Harrison
George Henderson
John Henslie, Jr.
Jno. Henslie, Sen.
William Henson
James Hill
Nathan hill
Jno. Hudson
Jno. P. Hudson
John Hunt, Sen.
Jno. Jennings
James Johnston
Henry Kirby
William Lawson
James Lidleton
Wm. Lovell
James Mitchell
William Moore
Patrick Morrison
Brain W. Nowlin
James Nowlin
Charles Partin
Jno. Partin
Geo. Peak
Jno. Peak
Jonathan Phillips
Tobias Phillips
James Phipps
David Polley
Christain Pryant
Thomas Ramsey, Sr.
Thomas Ramsey, Jr.
Abraham Razor
Paul Razor, Sr.
Paul Razor, Sr.
Paul Razor, Jr.
Robert Sevier
Thos. Shockley
Elias Smith
Wm. Smith
Benj. Tarrant
William Thompson
Simon Toshes
Jas. Turley
Jno. Turley
Daniel Wade
Edward Wade, Jr.
Edward Wade, Sr.
Peyton Wade
Isaiah Waldrup
Jno. Waldrup, Jr.
Jno. Waldrup, Sr.
Joseph Walker
Sanders Ward
David Willis
Daniel Witcher
Ephraim Witcher
James Witcher
John Witcher, Jr.
John Witcher, Sen.
Ruben Witcher
William Wright

Last name of next three unknown

This is the 1850 Federal Census for Lee County, Virginia

Year: 1850   State: Virginia   County: Lee   Sheet No: 319B

Reel No: M423-955   Division: District 31   Page No: 35

Enumerated on: August 1st, 1850 by: Stephen Crockett

Transcribed by Ellen Finley-Johnson for USGenWeb,

LINE | Dwell Famil | Firstname       Lastname         | Age    S C | Occupation         Real V | Birthplace   | M(other) S(on) R(oomer) D(aughter) | SNDX | Remarks

33 |   225   238 | Wallen          Joseph           |     22 M W | Farmer                    | TN           |         | J210 |

34 |   225   238 | Wallen          Susan            |     24 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | S250 |

35 |   225   238 | Wallen          Ruth             |      2 F W |                           | VA           |         | R300 |

36 |   226   239 | Wallen          George           |     42 M W | Farmer                    | TN           |     R   | G620 |

37 |   226   239 | Wallen          Elizabeth        |     43 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | E421 |

38 |   227   240 | Roberts         Margaret         |     45 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | M626 |

39 |   227   240 | Roberts         Jesse            |     26 M W | Farmer                 75 | VA           |         | J200 |

40 |   227   240 | Roberts         Susan            |     24 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | S250 |

41 |   227   240 | Roberts         Lucy             |     22 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | L200 |

42 |   227   240 | Roberts         Elizabeth        |     20 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | E421 |

1 |   232   245 | Roberts         Margaret         |     15 F W |                           | VA           |         | M626 |

2 |   232   245 | Roberts         James            |     10 M W |                           | VA           |         | J520 |

3 |   232   245 | Roberts         Oma              |      8 F W |                           | VA           |         | O500 |

4 |   232   245 | Roberts         John             |      7 M W |                           | VA           |         | J500 |

5 |   232   245 | Roberts         William          |      6 M W |                           | VA           |         | W450 |

6 |   232   245 | Roberts         Matilda          |      3 F W |                           | VA           |         | M343 |

7 |   232   245 | Roberts         John             |     10 M M |                           | VA           |         | J500 |

8 |   232   245 | Roberts         Mahala           |     18 F W |                           | VA           |         | M400 |

9 |   233   246 | Willis          William          |     48 M W | Farmer                400 | TN           |     R   | W450 |

10 |   233   246 | Willis          Elizabeth        |     44 F W |                           | DO           |     R   | E421 |

11 |   233   246 | Willis          Mary             |     23 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | M600 |

12 |   233   246 | Willis          James            |     21 M W |                           | DO           |         | J520 |

13 |   233   246 | Willis          Sarah            |     18 F W |                           | VA           |         | S600 |

14 |   233   246 | Willis          Elizabeth        |     16 F W |                           | VA           |         | E421 |

15 |   233   246 | Willis          Susan            |     14 F W |                           | VA           |         | S250 |

16 |   233   246 | Willis          David            |     12 M W |                           | VA           |         | D130 |

17 |   233   246 | Willis          Lucinda          |     10 F W |                           | DO           |         | L253 |

18 |   233   246 | Willis          Ceem             |      8 M W |                           | DO           |         | C500 |

19 |   233   246 | Willis          Thomas           |      6 M W |                           | DO           |         | T520 |

20 |   233   246 | Willis          William          |      4 M W |                           | DO           |         | W450 |

21 |   233   246 | Willis          Hudson           |      3 M W |                           | DO           |         | H325 |

22 |   233   246 | Willis          Luena            |      1 F W |                           | DO           |         | L500 |

33 |   236   249 | Willis          Joseph           |     30 M W | Farmer                350 | VA           |     R   | J210 |

34 |   236   249 | Willis          Matilda          |     25 F W |                           | VA           |     R   | M343 |

35 |   236   249 | Willis          Elizabeth        |      7 F W |                           | VA           |         | E421 |

36 |   236   249 | Willis          Sarah            |      5 F W |                           | VA           |         | S600 |

37 |   236   249 | Willis          Mary             |      3 F W |                           | VA           |         | M600 |

38 |   236   249 | Willis          Alcey            |      2 F W |                           | VA           |         | A420 |