Country Sayings

If there is anything that the South is known for, it’s good sayings.  Some are words of wisdom, some are just for fun, some are both.

Please feel free to share any that you have in a comment.  If they were said by a family member, please include their name.

I’ll start off with a couple from my grandmother, Esta Mae (Wallen) Roberts.  She was a strong woman of God and Dad shared many of her wise quotes with me.

9 Responses to “Country Sayings”

  1. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Never pin your faith to any man’s coat tail”-Esta Mae (Wallen) Roberts

  2. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Never go with a girl that you wouldn’t marry”-Esta Mae (Wallen) Roberts

  3. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Better safe than sorry”-Foyster W Roberts

  4. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Honey, I love you and your Daddy. But it always has to be God first.”-Evelyn (Baker) Roberts

  5. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Remember, a soft answer turneth away wrath”-Foyster W Roberts

  6. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Love covers a multitude of sins. So too does a good gravy”-Jeff Roberts

  7. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Better come back and lick your calf over”-Nettie Mae (Burke) Baker & Evelyn (Baker) roberts

  8. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Can’t never could do nothing”-Claude T. Baker

  9. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Trying is a half-hearted effort”-Claude T. Baker

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