Lee County VA sign


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  1. Elizabeth Bledsoe says:

    My family, descendants of Abraham Bledsoe and Thomas , were Long Hunters who founded Fort Bledsoe in TN and settled back in Blackwater after accepting land there to appease governments who didn’t want them going east. At one time , they were fighting the English, French,Americas and fighting and friending several native tribes. I’m to understand, they helped the Boones across the gap and into KY. They were tough men. There is a record in Thomas’s filing for veteran benefits where he tells of fighting in the Revolution and executing stories and their supporting natives. The family came from England and first settled in Jamestown as farm investors .

  2. Barry L. Baker says:

    I and my nephew are searching our ancestry and have traced our line to Lee County, Virginia but have hit a brick wall. We are looking for Edward Baker born around 1740-1750, he I believe came from Henry County and/or Pittsylvania County or Overwarton (Stafford) County Virginia. We believe his spouse was named Ann but not sure. He had at least one son Edward Baker Jr. that moved to Wayne County, Kentucky around 1800-1801. I believe he resided in Powells Valley and may be interned in Russell County. We have evidence of an Edward Baker Sr. from the Lee County Personal Property Tax List from 1792-1800. Any information you may have or knowledge of this person would be greatly appreciated.

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