Southern Expressions

You might ask, “What is the difference between this page and the Country Sayings page?”.  Well, the Country Sayings page is more for sayings involving advice, while this page is more for everyday Southern expressions.  Please feel free to add some of  your own.

5 Responses to “Southern Expressions”

  1. Jeff Roberts says:

    “He’s more nervous than a ring-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

  2. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Can you carry me to the store so I can get a dope in a poke?”

  3. Jeff Roberts says:

    “He’s about as sorry as a bag with a hole in it.”

  4. Jeff Roberts says:

    “She’s about as ugly as a shaved possum… bless her heart.”

  5. Jeff Roberts says:

    “Just because you put a cat in the oven doesn’t make it a biscuit.”

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